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Betty Kennedy

Photographer | Makeup Artist | Hair Stylist

Betty, has grown up in the fashion and entertainment industry as a dancer, model, stylist, choreographer, producer of dance shows & decorator in stores. She has worked as a makeup/hair artist with many celebrities, models, teens, children to the everyday person.

Not every makeup and hair artist has the gift of creating a mesmerizing look for you, and then capturing those stunning images through photography. Betty offers such exclusive services!

Reared in the fashion and entertainment industry, Betty has sharpened her skills as a photographer but adding her personal touch with makeup and hair. Working with a range of clients; from fashion models and celebrities, precocious children, and loving animals, Betty’s gentle approach, passion, and detailed eye, helps to create memorable photographs.

Betty has styled hair and makeup for hundreds of clients in L.A. before LA worked in Dallas starting in 1980 requiring services for special events, photo shoots, and film projects.

Betty started shooting photography 29 years ago as a hobby. It wasn't till the past 11 years Betty decided to pursue it as a profession. 

Betty works hard to give her clients beautiful photos, combining her makeup/hair expertise with her photography. Her eye for beauty is captured in her photos. You can view Betty's makeup/hair website @

To be able to work with nonprofessionals and capturing great shots is a gift.

Betty is a true professional who enjoys what she does and is there to please.

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