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​Additional Info for Photo Shoot
  1. Makeup/Hair Females
  • I do airbrush foundation and blush. 
  • Style your hair the way you wear it for auditions or close to how you like wearing (clean hair!)
  • Bring accessories for hair if we need to put hair up or something formal w/hair.
  2. Men Grooming
  • Makeup touch-ups
  • Hair touch-ups
  • Clean hair and face unless you want a rugged look for shoot.
  3. Wardrobe (Important!)
  • Prepare your looks in advance!! (borrow or buy if need)
  • Bring wardrobe on hangers w/no wrinkles, solid fresh colors or plaids. (A variety of tops to choose from.)
  • Nice necklines, nice color that pops to bring out hair, skin and eyes.
  • Sleeveless or mid to long sleeves shirts form fitting, not bulky. If arms are heavy, not tone, advise to bring longer sleeves.
  • No short sleeves, doesn't look as good in photos. (Men okay with short sleeves.)
  • Pants with no bulk around waist. (I shoot mostly close up to 3 quarters, more than full length.)
  • If full length please bring nice shoes to match.
  • Dress not full in front, nice shape around breast and waist. (female)
  • If layering make sure it is not bulky.
  • Something to wear underneath because you may change tops outside, variety of bras. (female)
 4. What to expect from Digital
  • Digital may not have the rich color as film so best to have adjustments to brighten photo.
  • It is best to do this before showing photos to agent if you are a model or actress. 
  • I will go through the photos while editing and delete the bad and adjust color on a few but not all so you can see what to expect. You will need to edit down from there your favorites to use.
  • I give you the edited photos only but no retouch to these. 
  • There will be a lot to edit from.
  • I can also dropbox the best pix's to you after editing to view if like or email a couple.
  • I do not make prints of any kind, nor proof sheets.
5. Advice if showing Agents
  • Only show agent the best..
  • For images chosen it is good to have some small amount of retouching done. (Adjusting color, contrast, brightening eyes, removing blemishes, softening wrinkles and retouching stray hairs off face.)
5. Snacks
  • Bring something to snack on for fuel. (: 
  • I usually have juices, water or tea.
6. Last but not least (:
  • Send me a photo of yourself before you arrive and ideas if have any.
  • If shooting for acting know what your agent wants 
  • Do your homework on your looks you are trying to achieve.
  • Come with a positive attitude!! (:
  • Permission to use your retouched photo Internet promotional purposes
Let me know if you are interested in booking so we can set your time and date.
Thank you for contacting me, looking forward.
Betty Kennedy

Sherman Oaks Ca. 91423

Tel: 818-995-6254

Makeup/Hair link:

Betty's Makeup/Hair site..

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